How increase sperm volume

Increasing Semen Volume

Ejaculation occurs during ejaculation, and the normal increase sperm volume, Is 2 to 5 ml per ejaculation. Some companies sell products that increase the amount of money, but this is a myth. With prolonged abstinence, the number of sperm inside the semen may increase, but the volume of semen is not really much different than before.

Increasing Semen Volume
increase sperm volume

What is normal semen volume?

According to a 2010 study by the World Health Organization, which looked at Increasing semen volume worldwide, semen volume ranges from 0.8 milliliters to 7.6 milliliters, and averages between 3 and 5 milliliters.

This amount varies with the age of men, and the peak and volume of semen produced between the ages of 30-35 is the lowest after reaching 55 years of age or older.

Why do men want to increase semen volume?

Most men associate the amount of semen with fertility, and it is believed that men who want to have more children, especially men, have a better chance if they have more semen.

Men feel more masculine if they ejaculate more and they believe that it will increase their and their partner’s sexual pleasure. Due to these facts, dozens of companies falsely claim that their pills can increase the amount of semen.

Semen volume and masculinity

Masculinity is in the mind instead of semen. Although porn stars appear to ejaculate more, more semen does not indicate more sexual ability. Most of these may be camera or angle movements and may not be accurate at all.

Semen volume and sexual pleasure

The volume of ejaculation is not related to sexual pleasure for either male or female partner. If it takes longer for the penis to release the increased amount of semen, then ejaculation and orgasm do not last long. Thus this claim is also wrong.

Confusion over sperm count and semen volume

Most men mistakenly believe that an increase in the volume of semen means an increase in fertility. In fact, only 1 to 10% of semen is produced by sperm. Proportionate increase in sperm count over long periods of abstinence from sexual intercourse or masturbation.

Is it possible to increase semen volume?

It is absolutely impossible to expand the volume of semen with popping pills. Also, most men cannot measure the actual volume of their semen. Some physicians suggest that the use of adequate water and fluids can maximize the amount of semen, but this “increase” will also be within the normal range.