Semen Allergy

Semen Allergy

Some people, both men, and women are known to be allergic to the protein in semen allergy.  An allergy to a particular enzyme, protein, or chemical means that the immune system reacts more often to that protein or chemical.

Systemic allergies mean that the whole body may react normally to exposure to the chemical.

Semen Allergy

Localized semen allergy

People with an allergic woman may have vaginal itching, or a man may have an itch in the penis. Itching, redness, swelling, and blisters form within 30 minutes of ejaculation after ejaculation.

Generalized semen allergy

Allergies can also be more common. It causes itching all over the body as well as hives.

Some patients may develop flu-like illness after orgasm called post orgasmic disease syndrome or POIS. Symptoms include fever, runny nose, fatigue, and burning eyes, which can last up to a week.

This includes lethal anaphylaxis reactions. This type of allergy is usually accompanied by allergies such as peanut butter or penicillin allergies. The affected person may have difficulty breathing, swelling in the larynx and sore throat, as well as a severe drop in blood pressure. 

Testing for semen allergy

The most common test method is to use a condom during intercourse. Condom use doesn’t cause secondary effects, so right now, traditional responsiveness tests, including skin awareness tests, are suggested for men with female semen awareness.

Management of semen allergy

Mild cases do not require treatment and usually go on exposure again and again. This is more if the couple is trying to get pregnant.Semen allergies can lead to infertility in a couple and can lead to miscarriage and early pregnancy loss.

Development of the sperm

Spermatids have tails and the cell slowly acquires the ability to move by beating its tail. The sperm eventually develops into an adult sperm. This process takes about 60 days. It takes another 10 to 14 days for each testicle and epididymis to pass through the ducts, before it leaves the body in semen during ejaculation.