Syphilis is basically bacterial contamination. It is a sexually transmitted infection that spreads via unprotected sex with an infected person.

What is Syphiliswhat is syphills

Cause and transmission of syphilis

They can enter through vaginal, butt-centric, or oral sex, or through regular sexually transmitted wounds from sharing sex games with a tainted person. Also, pregnant moms who are contaminated can give the condition to their unborn child. This can cause inherent irregularities in the child or even actually birth and passing following birth. Syphilis may likewise be gotten by imparting needles to a contaminated individual or getting tainted blood bonding. This last method of transmission is incredibly interesting because all the blood vessels are tested for syphilis. Doesn’t spread by sharing a latrine, dress, cutlery or restroom with a tainted individual as the microbes can’t make due for long external the human body.

Syphilis symptoms

There are three  stages of the disease. Symptoms vary according to the stage of the disease.

Stage 1

This is termed as primary syphilis. This begins as a painless but highly infectious sore on the genitals or sometimes around the mouth. The sore lasts two to six weeks before disappearing.

Stage 2

There are also other symptoms such as itchy skin and sore throat.They also expire in a few weeks. The infection then progresses to a latent stage or latent stage without any symptoms, which can last for years. Syphilis may then progress to its third stage. 

Stage 3

It called Tartiri This is the most dangerous stage. About one-third of people who have untreated develop.This can cause severe damage to the brain, eyes and body.

Incidence and prevalence of syphilis

When a feared sickness, the coming of anti-toxins had diminished the overall pervasiveness of the infection. Be that as it may, over the course of the last ten years rate of this contamination is on the ascent. In spite of this, syphilis is as yet one of the more uncommon physically communicated contaminations in the UK.

There have been a few neighborhood flare-ups across England, the biggest of which was in London somewhere in the range of 2001 and 2004. High gamble bunch incorporates men who have intercourse with men (more than 70�secs). There are areas of strength for a co-disease with HIV. Because of the high paces of disease among ladies, there is an expansion in inborn syphilis also.

Syphilis treatment

If diagnosed early, treatment can be easily achieved with antibiotics, usually penicillin injections. However, if left untreated,can become more serious.

This is because the genetic lesions caused by can cause bleeding, which allows HIV to enter the bloodstream during sexual intercourse.

The only way to prevent infection is to avoid unprotected sex and adopt safe sex measures.